About bitdoubler.cc

bitdoubler.cc is a cryptocurrency investment company based in the United Kingdom. Our Corporate Headquarters is located here: 4 Westow Hill, London, SE19 1RX, United Kingdom. Registration number of our company - 10819529. The basis of our activity is focused on the exchange and trade popular cryptocurrencies, which is headed, of course, Bitcoin.

bitdoubler.cc is a modern platform that can generate income based on Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. Our platform is fully automated and decentralized, and operates on the basis of so-called smart contacts.

bitdoubler.cc is focused on making a profit from the difference in price on bitcoin exchanges. Nowadays, this Crypto currency has a huge volatility and allows you to earn higher returns in the short term.
Bitcoin is here to stay.

The Bitcoin is one of the best currencies throughout the globe, that becomes more and more popular day by day.

Bitcoin and State

For a long time, governments of many countries do not accept bitcoin as a transactional currency. But now, several countries already started looking into Bitcoin seriously. Blockchain is already being adopted by several countries into their own banking systems.

High profit margin

The bitcoin exchange rates fluctuate rapidly and Bitcoin traders looking for a good deal often track bitcoin prices and buy /sell to make money.

There are a lot of different crypto currencies but bitcoin is the first and the most popular cryptocurrency. Most experts are predicting that bitcoin's price may actually double in 2017!

As we can see all positive sides of bitcoin, bitdoubler.cc exclusively accepts bitcoin as a payment method. Today our company keeps 90% of bitcoin transaction and 10% of promising new crypto currencies transaction.

We cooperate with the most famous and most reliable Stock Exchanges focused on trading crypto currencies. Due to growing experience, new business connections and contracts for bidding with new exchanges - our influence on this market is growing every month. We think about the expansion of our assets for further opportunities to increase the company's revenues. So, we have developed this platform. Here on mutually beneficial terms (for both the investor and the company) you can place your deposit and receive a steady income. You get a fixed return on the chosen investment plan, no matter how was trading. If you earned on your deposit less than planned, then you receive funds from a common financial pool, if you earned more, the surplus is credited to the financial pool i.e. in the stabilization Fund of the Company.

We guarantee full protection of your deposits. Our specialists are constantly working on algorithms that reduce financial risks. The financial company LTD Finance officially registered in the UK and has all legal documents. You can find all legal and valid documents in the state register of the United Kingdom.

Everyone, without exception, can get stable income in bitdoubler.cc.